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Hi everyone, I'm Nick. I'm a 20 year-old college student in Washington state, looking to major in political science and minor in finance. I currently attend community college but am planning on transferring to the University of Washington.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm Back!

After an extended hiatus from blogging, I've decided to recommence writing about politics on The Minefield. I always get very excited when election season nears, and what better time to start writing than the day before the Iowa caucus? With that said, here are my predictions for both parties on tomorrow's vote in Iowa.

Winners: Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, both by a nose.

Runners Up: Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton, with Huckabee easily winning 2nd and Hillary just sneaking by John Edwards.

Third Place: John McCain (R) and John Edwards (D)

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